The Sea Will Claim Everything – now on Steam! And more!

This fox smells of something reddish.

Being a fox, I don’t really understand some aspects of human culture yet. Sometimes you call portals to other dimensions “games”, and you also have a thing called… money? That you exchange for goods, if I understand correctly? The mushrooms keep telling me about it but I’m not sure I believe everything they say.

Anyway, the magical portal known as The Sea Will Claim Everything is now available via your world’s strange steam-powered technology! My friend Jonas has written a whole thing about it, though it’s written in that weird PR-speak he sometimes uses for his job, where he pretends to be a writer.

The Sea Will Claim Everything is now on Steam.

The Council of Crows is now on Steam Greenlight.

You can also get The Sea Will Claim Everything via the Humble widget on its Lands of Dream page.

We’ve been working on the Lands of Dream for, what, a decade now? I’m not good at doing the whole “selling yourself” thing, but I’m quite proud of what we’ve created. It’s a world, a strange and interesting and unique world with a life all of its own. It is rich in themes and imagery, deeply interconnected to literature and poetry, and full of shockingly daft jokes. And it’s not just games, it’s also the Oneiropolis Compendium and the children’s book and even the website itself, all part of this huge tapestry of stories.

I think it’s some of my best writing, but none of it would have been possible without my collaborators. Verena Kyratzes not only draws the graphics, she’s also an equal partner in the design process, coming up with all kinds of ingenious ideas. Helen Trevillion created amazing music for the first few games, bringing out the grace and beauty I wanted the Lands of Dream to have despite all the silliness. I didn’t think anyone could have kept the spirit of that music alive, but Chris Christodoulou has done so and gone even further, and his scores elevate everything we do.

We’re all extremely grateful to our kind and patient fans, who have supported us over the years even as we sometimes take ages to finish anything. A habit we are now trying to break by making some changes in our lives.

If you would like to support our games, the best thing you can do right now – apart from buying them, or buying copies for your friends, relatives, and/or enemies – is to write reviews on Steam. What we’re particularly keen on is reviews that explain why you enjoyed The Sea Will Claim Everything. It’s a strange game, after all, and one of our biggest challenges is just getting people to give it a go. Any positive review is hugely appreciated, of course, but what would be particularly brilliant would be reviews that are useful to other players, helping them to make up their minds about whether this is their sort of thing. Thanks!

Folks who’ve already bought the game: see the previous post. We’re working on getting Steam keys to you, although in a few cases it may take a few more days, depending on factors beyond our control. You’ll definitely get them sooner or later!

Some of you may also end up getting more than one key. Do us a favour and give it to a friend who might enjoy the game. Word of mouth is a big deal.

No doubt we are in for a whole bunch of confusion, chaos, and tech support. But we’ll try to do our best. If there’s a problem, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. And most importantly of all, enjoy your time in the Lands of Dream.

Does that make sense to you? Jonas tells me it will, and I trust him, even though he’s big and hairy and reminds me of a fish I once knew.


Yours truly,

Julian the Announcement Fox

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  1. Eric

     /  March 26, 2016

    “even though heโ€™s big and hairy and reminds me of a fish I once knew”

    Damn… that was really funny.

  2. Robert

     /  March 28, 2016

    So folks who have already purchased the game will get a Steam key? Interesting, as I re-bought the game on Steam just to support the Lands of Dream! But when I get the Steam key I’m apparently supposed to eventually get, I’ll be more than happy to give it to a friend. (I originally ordered the game on June 28, 2012.)

    There’s such a bountiful magic to the Lands of Dream that is so utterly unique in the gaming landscape. Since I started gaming in 1987 I’m not sure I’ve played anything quite like The Sea Will Claim Everything. Its experience is simply one of pure wondrous wonder! ๐Ÿ˜€

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