The Oneiropolis Compendium

She taught me magic, and the love of storytelling, which are two things that do not die unless you let them. Beyond that, I won’t speak for her. She chose this story, which I could not write now any more than I could wear her improbable clothes. But now and then I still catch glimpses of that land that once she traveled, across hundreds of miles of binder paper, and I think, as if it were a true country: I have been there. I remember.
– Patricia A. McKillip, The Riddle-Master’s Game

Welcome to the Oneiropolis Compendium, a growing collection of stories and images from the Lands of Dream, that strange place far beyond the Edge of the World.

The World Mushroom

Kohlrabian Dialecticus


Aleister Turtley

Dogpuncher’s Milk Bar

Herbert the Mutant Radical Goat

Erimian Wingflower

Undertree Library

Origins of the Stagctopus

Tree of Words

The Game of Making

The Catus Siblings

Billy the Squid

The Fish With No Name


The Village Idiot

The Cellingo

Grandpa Pseudoraptor

The Alteration Train

Murch the Necromancer

Sinjil Aegidius

Lynx Awakening


The Pegassus

The Blue Crow

The Great Catanthrope

Chelonian Hill

The Endearing Forest

The Endearing Forest

The Moddey Dhoo

The Moddey Dhoo

Written by Jonas Kyratzes.

Illustrations by Verena Kyratzes.

All content © Jonas & Verena Kyratzes 2011-2013.

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