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The Two Trailers

While heroically fighting my own stomach, I took some time to create a couple of trailers to help promote The Sea Will Claim Everything. The first one explains the second one. Ahem.

Too much acid!

There are supposed to be updates here. But there aren’t, because my stomach has decided to eat itself. Yay for autocannibalism! Updates will resume in a couple of days, I hope, when I go back to having a functioning human body, or at least something resembling one. – Jonas

Why should you buy TSWCE?

I know that some people come here and simply don’t know what to make of The Sea Will Claim Everything. It looks interesting, but what is it like? What’s with the graphics? What’s with the lack of a proper feature list? Just… what is this? “It’s a portal to the Lands of Dream” doesn’t sound […]

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