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Reposted from Indiegogo: It is done! And you did it. All of you. Thank you so much! We are very, very grateful. It’s amazing and heartwarming that not only will we get to make Ithaka of the Clouds, we will also get to go back and polish the previous Lands of Dream games so that […]

Clearer Stretch Goals

I’ve been asked to clarify our stretch goals for Ithaka of the Clouds, so I’ve made a list. With numbers and stuff. $13,500 – remake The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge $14,000 – update The Book of Living Magic, add minor improvements to The Fabulous Screech $15,000 – remake […]

This Is Actually Happening

Enough people have gotten together and contributed money that a game about gay trolls based on the poetry of Kavafis is actually happening. Seriously. Wow. I don’t know how many people are out there who want interactive storytelling rooted in literature and poetry and philosophy, with political undertones and bad puns… but there are enough. […]


(Because nothing says “thoughtful, intelligent art” like a lolcat. Right?) Also: read about stretch goals.

The Music of the Lands of Dream – Part I

Here’s an update from Chris Christodoulou, the amazingly talented composer of The Sea Will Claim Everything and now Ithaka of the Clouds: Hi, I don’t believe we have met before. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Chris and I’m your travel age— sorry, I mean I’m the composer of Ithaka of the Clouds. Some of […]

A Q&A with Joseph Kyranzes

Check out this wonderful video with our intelligent, kind, erudite and entirely real producer, Joseph Kyranzes. (Who is not fake. At all. Really.)

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