Hey humans, For anyone who missed it, Jonas wrote an explanation of where work on The Council of Crows currently stands. It’s probably going to continue being a bit quiet around here, because the whole team is really busy contributing to that project. Once that is over, the website will kick back into gear with […]

Holy Carps Delivered This Apology

This mysterious message was found in a bottle that smelled of mushrooms: The folders are bursting with content. The files are running over with data. The game is so big. We had to buy more paper. More crayons. More cats. It’s so unexpected. So crazy. So argh. We have to finish it or it will […]

Hey there

Damn, time in our world is even weirder than in the Lands of Dream. I told Julian the Announcement Fox that I wanted to keep the site updated every week, because there are so many stories to tell, but then we had to get the whole Lands of Dream to help us with making some […]

What We Have Come To

I guess these are days of wandering – in every sense of the word. Even my friends Jonas and Verena are moving out of their old home, so they can properly dedicate themselves to finishing The Council of Crows. How strange. But perhaps it’s appropriate to share another Wanderer’s Tale with you, one written by […]

Website Muncher Alert

One of our updates has been eaten by a Potato-Faced Website Muncher, one of the most dangerous animals of the internet. We’re pretty sure it’s gone now (it hid for a while in one of the subfolders), but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming back, and it may well still be in one of the […]

This Is Who Is A Good Boy

We finally present another extract from Jorrum Dooga’s long-delayed Book of Likely Facts: For centuries now, humans have been asking dogs one question: who’s a good boy? Over and over they interrogate this bizarre conundrum, the answer remaining elusive. Until now. Dog scientists working at Oneiropolis University have successfully used the Colossal Woof-Woof Collider to […]

Brief Outage

Hi there, Please excuse a brief pause in the updates while we deal with an infestation of Melancholic Mould. It started in the fridge, you see, in a pair of lemons, but now it’s spread all over the place and just moans and moans and won’t shut up. It’s irritating and depressing and we’re working […]

The Sea Will Claim Everything – now on Steam! And more!

Being a fox, I don’t really understand some aspects of human culture yet. Sometimes you call portals to other dimensions “games”, and you also have a thing called… money? That you exchange for goods, if I understand correctly? The mushrooms keep telling me about it but I’m not sure I believe everything they say. Anyway, […]

Meet the new Lands of Dream team!

Dear Readers, We all know things here on the Lands of Dream website have been slow. Much of this is due to the fact that our good friends and portal-makers, Jonas and Verena Kyratzes, happen to be trapped in one of Urizen’s major economic centres, and finding the experience rather depressing. I shudder to think […]

Welcome to 2016

Dear Friends, 2016 is going to be an exciting year for the Lands of Dream. There will be new portals, new stories, and all kinds of surprises. Bob the Spider promised, and as we all know, Bob the Spider only lies to his enemies. I know I’m not Bob’s enemy, because he built a lair […]

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