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Hi all,

It’s been a bit quiet around here, I must admit. I’d gone off on a bit of an adventure to other websites, and Jonas was apparently very busy with a form of torture called “bureaucracy” (shudder). But now things are slowly moving again, I’m told, at least from his post on the other site:

As the release date of The Talos Principle approaches, I’ll be posting reviews and other links of interest here. I am, however, also preparing the release of A Postcard From Afthonia, which is ready and just being set up at Humble, and The Council of Crows, which I’d love to release before Christmas (but I’m not sure I can). I’m also working on a post about the writing of Talos and another one about Ithaka of the Clouds. Loads of stuff happening right now!

Unfortunately I’ve spent the last few weeks utterly and completely inundated with terrifying tax and healthcare paperwork that I can’t safely ignore, so I’m way behind.

A Postcard From Afthonia is a very cool little portal, and I think you’ll like it a lot, but what I’m most excited about is The Council of Crows, which is actually quite a big thing. It even has Henry Trollweather in it, a writer I’ve always wanted to meet, and a tiny but beautiful sample of whose writing is included in the Special Edition of A Postcard From Afthonia. I’ve also heard he’s working with R.L. Smith and Jonas and Verena on Ithaka of the Clouds. Excited, even if I must admit they’ve taken forever. Maybe Jonas can explain that properly at some point.

Anyway, I’ll dig around the website a bit, clear away the cobwebs, update the mushrooms on what’s going on, that sort of thing. Talk to you soon.


Julian the Announcement Fox

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