Magic Tree Discount

Once again the season has come around in which people of vastly different ideologies, personal outlooks and religious denominations gather together to worship a magical tree. We do not know why this is done, but believe that in all likelihood it is a tradition dating back to the days of the Ents. And so, in the name of blessed Yavanna, we are selling The Sea Will Claim Everything at a discount price of 50% off!

It’s the biggest game in the surreal and wonderful Lands of Dream, it sports one of the best soundtracks we’ve ever encountered and unique visuals that wouldn’t feel out of place in a children’s book, it tells a story that will make you proud of gaming, it features dozens of odd characters, it’s huge, it’s got impressive walls of text and it even features two of the smartest puzzles we’ve encountered, but these are not the reasons you should play The Sea Will Claim Everything. No. You should play this game because it can actually help you become a better person. (Top 12 Games of the Year)

And since gift-giving is a tradition associated with ent-worship, we remind you that philosophical games make great presents, especially for people you wish to confuse or befuddle.

So get it now! All hail Yavanna!

(Edit: The special offer is now over. Yavanna be with you.)

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