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Magic Tree Discount

Once again the season has come around in which people of vastly different ideologies, personal outlooks and religious denominations gather together to worship a magical tree. We do not know why this is done, but believe that in all likelihood it is a tradition dating back to the days of the Ents. And so, in […]

Wanderers’ Tales: Ulysses

This is a poem. Many people these days appear to suffer poetophobia, or do not have the patience to read poems; others seem to believe that poems are a form exclusively reserved for the trite thoughts of adolescents. But it would be a great shame to disregard so many works of genius for such foolish […]

New version of The Fabulous Screech! Free copies of The Sea Will Claim Everything!

Hi folks, Julian the Announcement Fox here. I just wanted to let you know that you can win a free copy of The Sea Will Claim Everything over at The Advent of Indies. And, even more importantly, there is a new downloadable version of The Fabulous Screech available! Yes indeed. Tell your friends! Thanks for […]

Wanderers’ Tales: The Cats of Ulthar

Today‚Äôs tale is renowned in many nations and realms, but nowhere more so than in Katsouli, the homeland of all cats, where teachers and philosophers speak of it when they debate an ancient question: can humans find wisdom, or must they be compelled to it? So read about The Cats of Ulthar, and ponder that […]

A Glimpse of Winter

Guess what Verena is working on…

Wanderers’ Tales: Idle Days on the Yann

Since the beginning of Time (and perhaps before), many have travelled to the Lands of Dream and written about their journeys. Some of these tales are warnings, others are maps to roads that we may follow; all have been of great assistance in my own endeavours. Thus I have decided that once each week, in […]

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