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So, Steam Greenlight is now a thing that exists, and The Sea Will Claim Everything is on it. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Greenlight is supposed to help get games onto Steam by allowing people to vote for which games they like. Personally I think it would be much better without […]

Behind the Window

A new interview with Jonas has been published by Adventure Classic Gaming. They asked some interesting questions, and as an added bonus the picture gallery includes a special look at what the other side of the window to the Lands of Dream looks like.

Prayer of the Unsuccessful

This is a prayer that I once overheard in the Shadow Quarter of Oneiropolis. O forces of the unseen world, I know not whether you exist, Or whether I speak to the cruel void. But if despite my fear, And my unspoken certainty, There are those who listen above: Let there yet be days Of […]

Hipster Guarantee

The Sea Will Claim Everything – Demo Released

There is now a demo for The Sea Will Claim Everything. I still think the best way to find out whether you like the Lands of Dream games is to play The Fabulous Screech, but I understand that some people would prefer to be able to see what a game is like before they spend […]

A Dreamer’s Tales

Few things are more inspiring to a traveller than to hear the tales of another. Tales of distant cities and mighty rivers on faraway plains plant a seed of yearning in the heart: not to see the same places, but places like them in distance and mystery. Many of my own travels, the stories of […]

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