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The Sea Will Claim Everything – now on Steam! And more!

Being a fox, I don’t really understand some aspects of human culture yet. Sometimes you call portals to other dimensions “games”, and you also have a thing called… money? That you exchange for goods, if I understand correctly? The mushrooms keep telling me about it but I’m not sure I believe everything they say. Anyway, […]

Review: Vicky’s Monstrous Burger Shack

Eatery: Vicky’s Monstrous Burger Shack Location: Grey Quarter, Upper Gatopolis, Katsouli TODAY, I SHALL NOT DEVOUR ALL IN MY PATH. I SHALL DEVOUR WITH PRECISION. THE GOAL IS PLEASURE, NOT ANNIHILATION. BEHOLD MY FOOD CRITICISM. Vicky’s Monstrous Burger Shack is a relatively new eatery in Upper Gatopolis, one of the many disputed capitals of Katsouli, […]

Review: The Great Green Book of Mould

Title: The Great Green Book of Mould Author: Asper Gillus Publisher: Oneiropolis University Department of Fungal Literature When my friend Phidias told me I really had to read The Great Green Book of Mould, I was, well, somewhat surprised. I do enjoy nonfiction, and I’ve read excellent books by and about mushrooms, but mould? Not […]

Meet the new Lands of Dream team!

Dear Readers, We all know things here on the Lands of Dream website have been slow. Much of this is due to the fact that our good friends and portal-makers, Jonas and Verena Kyratzes, happen to be trapped in one of Urizen’s major economic centres, and finding the experience rather depressing. I shudder to think […]

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