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Hi all, As this website’s official Announcement Fox, I am pleased to announce that The Fabulous Screech and The Sea Will Claim Everything have both taken first place in their respective categories in the Best of Casual Gameplay 2012 awards. This makes me happy, and makes up for the fact that Jonas is being a […]

Wanderers’ Tales: Chu-bu and Sheemish

It was my intent to post a different tale this week, but recent events have brought the story of Chu-bu and Sheemish to mind. It is a story worth remembering.

Best of Casual Gameplay 2012

Hi, Julian the Announcement Fox here again. Jonas just posted this on his site: So the time has come again for the Best of Casual Gameplay awards. These awards are voted for by the public, so winning one last time for The Book of Living Magic was quite meaningful to me. This time I have […]

Wanderers’ Tales: Celepha├»s

Rarely did that troubled, brilliant man dream as brightly as when he dreamt of Celepha├»s. If you have visited the Lands of Dream via the windows that I helped create, you will have found echoes of this dream; you will have heard, even if you do not remember it, of the Valley of Ooth-Nargai and […]

Wanderers’ Tales: Kubla Khan, or a Vision in a Dream

It is said that Samuel Taylor Coleridge did not understand the importance of his vision of Xanadu until, more than thirty years after setting it down, he came to Oneiropolis and met the mighty Khan himself. A great adventure then followed; but that is too long a story to be told here. For those of […]

Wanderers’ Tales: The Highwayman

What better to celebrate the new year than a story? And what story could be more appropriate than a story of grace? Read the tale of The Highwayman, as told by Lord Dunsany.

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