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Review: Happy Peasant Burgers

Eatery: Happy Peasant Burgers Location: pretty much anywhere controlled by “Lord” Urizen TODAY, I SHALL NOT DEVOUR ALL IN MY PATH. I SHALL DEVOUR WITH PRECISION. THE GOAL IS WISDOM, NOT ANNIHILATION. BEHOLD MY FOOD CRITICISM. If you’ve ever travelled through one of the lands occupied by Urizen, you will have noticed one of the […]

Website Muncher Alert

One of our updates has been eaten by a Potato-Faced Website Muncher, one of the most dangerous animals of the internet. We’re pretty sure it’s gone now (it hid for a while in one of the subfolders), but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming back, and it may well still be in one of the […]

This Is Who Is A Good Boy

We finally present another extract from Jorrum Dooga’s long-delayed Book of Likely Facts: For centuries now, humans have been asking dogs one question: who’s a good boy? Over and over they interrogate this bizarre conundrum, the answer remaining elusive. Until now. Dog scientists working at Oneiropolis University have successfully used the Colossal Woof-Woof Collider to […]

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