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Ithaka of the Clouds – An Update

The first few days of the campaign have been amazing. We freaked out a little when Paypal suddenly stopped processing contributions for almost a day (just our luck), but once everything was fixed we saw that quite a few people were actually supporting us. It’s slowed down now, but we’ve already reached more than $7000! […]

Ithaka of the Clouds – now on Indiegogo

This is it, everybody. Ithaka of the Clouds, the ultimate Lands of Dream game. Can we make it happen? We’re counting on you.

Compendium Update: The Endearing Forest

Yes, the Oneiropolis Compendium is finally being updated again! Today you may learn the curious history of an entirely unique forest.

As you set out for Ithaka…

Ithaka of the Clouds has been on my mind for a long time. It began as a tiny seed of an idea: a game about a troll. From there it grew over the years, never withering despite the hardships that we faced. It became the tale of two trolls: a tale of love and life […]

Wanderer’s Tales: Down with Pigeons

As you may know, the Lands of Dream are not wholly harmless, for in them there are many creatures that are quite terrifying. Lovecraft understood this, as did Howard – who also wrote of the beasts that are our subject today – but few described a species of monstrosity with greater scientific accuracy than Robert […]

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