Towards the Sun

Hello all,

Verena and I are leaving for Greece today, to sadly return on the 5th of July – but don’t worry, we’ll still read our emails and respond to questions and the like. I’m mainly posting this so you know that answers won’t be instantaneous in some cases. We badly need to take a break; the last few weeks have been really tough, with Verena’s accident and the cat getting sick and all. And before that we spent months working nonstop on The Sea Will Claim Everything until we were completely burned out.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t bought TSWCE yet, please do! Look at the reviews page (now including links to the new Adventure Gamers review and a lovely German review from Bildschirmspr√ľnge) for reasons why. And if you have bought it and liked it, your help in speading the word would of course be hugely appreciated. It’s not easy to reach people when your game is so peculiar.

And don’t forget to check back here for new Compendium entries and an update from a bear.

– Jonas

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