Welcome to the Lands of Dream!


Hi there, humans! I’m Julian the Announcement Fox, and I’m here to tell you about the Lands of Dream website and The Sea Will Claim Everything! As you may know, Jonas and Verena have been telling various stories about the Lands of Dream for a long time now. Some of these stories are actually interactive portals which for some reason you humans call “computer games”, while others are entries in the great work known as the Oneiropolis Compendium, named after the capital of the Lands of Dream. Now all these things can be found on a single website, which should make them much easier to follow. And there will be new stuff, too, starting with lots of new Compendium entries.

But there’s something even more important! Yes. There’s a new portal, I mean computer game, available for purchase. It’s called The Sea Will Claim Everything and it’s very big and very detailed and it only costs $10, which is really very little for a portal that will take you to the Fortunate Isles. (My grandmother is from the Fortunate Isles, it’s a beautiful place.) So you should really buy it. And if you want to you can also buy the soundtrack, but I hear there’s a bear who will write more about that in the future. It’s lovely, anyway – the soundtrack, not the bear. I have nothing to say about the bear.

Where was I? Yes, The Sea Will Claim Everything. Did you know it’s been called an instant classic? And a videogame with heart? And compared to the work of Umberto Eco? Well, now you know. I can’t add any more links to this post or it will reach critical mass. So there you go. Welcome to the Lands of Dream. Nothing is quite what it seems.

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