Prayer of the Unsuccessful

This is a prayer that I once overheard in the Shadow Quarter of Oneiropolis.

O forces of the unseen world,
I know not whether you exist,
Or whether I speak to the cruel void.
But if despite my fear,
And my unspoken certainty,
There are those who listen above:

Let there yet be days
Of sunshine and music
In homes untouched by death
While the scent of youth still lingers.
Let my journey prove fruitful
Before the cold night comes.

The translation is a little rough, as few of the languages of Earth have the subtlety of the ancient words spoken in Oneiropolis, but nevertheless it has often been on my mind lately.

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  1. BlueJay

     /  August 25, 2012

    Oh, that’s curious! I was just flying through Belzoond and heard something similar. I have no idea at all if it’s connected to the prayer you heard or not, or if it was just the wind whistling itself to sleep, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to tell you.

    O starflies of the Lands of Dream,
    we hear your struggle and your hope,
    and feel your eyes reaching for the day.
    Please do not fear,
    for you are never lost,
    you are the light you need.

    The song you seek,
    is the song you sing,
    the joyous flame that is your soul.
    No darkness can hold the rise
    of your heart into the dawn.
    The purest sun has yet to wake.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing, and I hope you have a day full of light.

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