Best of Casual Gameplay 2012

This fox smells of communism.


Julian the Announcement Fox here again. Jonas just posted this on his site:

So the time has come again for the Best of Casual Gameplay awards. These awards are voted for by the public, so winning one last time for The Book of Living Magic was quite meaningful to me. This time I have more than one nomination – as a matter of fact, four out of five games I made in 2012 are nominated. That’s rather awesome, isn’t it?

Anyway, it would be highly appreciated if you went and voted! You can vote once per day until the 23rd.

(Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale and The Fabulous Screech are under Interactive Art or Experimental, Traitor is under Shooter and The Sea Will Claim Everything is under Narrative. But please do vote in the other categories as well.)

The competition this year is fierce – so many excellent games – and I don’t actually expect to win anything, but if you enjoyed these games, why not throw some love their way?


I don’t know why the people of your world insist on calling your transdimensional portals “games”, but do go vote. I’d love to have another award for my den.

– Julian

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