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This fox smells of something reddish.Hey humans,

Jonas has told me that he’s planning a video about The Council of Crows, the formerly-medium-sized, now-quite-huge project he and Verena and Chris are working on. The short version: The Council of Crows is basically what Ithaka of the Clouds was going to be, but Ithaka is still happening, so eventually you’ll get both, though Ithaka will be different than expected. The long version: watch the video when it comes out. (Edited to add: the video turned out to have problems, but it got replaced by a detailed blog post.)

Meanwhile, I’ve updated the A Postcard From Afthonia page with some pretty quotes.

Hope you’re all doing OK out there in the human world. Try to take care of yourselves, and be excellent to each other. And maybe have a revolution or something. Just saying.

Yours truly,

Julian the Announcement Fox

P.S. A duck. Why are ducks important? You’ll find out.

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  1. And does the Fox have any hints as for when can we expect ‘The Council of Crows’ itself?

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