This Is Who Is A Good Boy

We finally present another extract from Jorrum Dooga’s long-delayed Book of Likely Facts:

For centuries now, humans have been asking dogs one question: who’s a good boy? Over and over they interrogate this bizarre conundrum, the answer remaining elusive. Until now.

Dog scientists working at Oneiropolis University have successfully used the Colossal Woof-Woof Collider to discover the solution to this mysterious puzzle. Who’s a good boy? We finally know: an 18th-century dog called Fishnose, born on a ship crossing the Atlantic and raised in a small village on the Namibian coast, who is now thought to reside in Billion Toad City. Cat scientists from Gatopolis have provided data that confirms this finding, although they claim that “good” is an overrated and probably pseudoscientific concept and that dogs are smelly.

Although this breakthrough has been hailed around the world, it is by no means the end of the investigation. An even more mysterious question remains, after all. We may know the answer – but why was anyone asking the question in the first place?

Fascinating, isn’t it? We hope to feature more extracts from this marvellous book soon, and we also hope that Jorrum will finally understand the meaning of the word “soon” – which is, as we found out, missing from his Fractional Dictionary of Possible S-Words.

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